The Inner Circle Membership

With interactive and immersive exhibits, the foremost collection of spy artifacts in the world, the new Spy Museum at L'Enfant Plaza puts you in the shoes of the officers, agents, and analysts who work in the shadows.

Become a Member and receive unparalleled access to the new exhibition AND special "Members -Only" perks including a year of unlimited, express access + a 25% discount at the Spy Museum Store

All memberships are partially tax-deductible and support the educational mission of SPY. 

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Operative $99

Individual Membership

Most affordable way to gain unlimited, express access to our brand-new Exhibition.


Alberti Society $500

Premium Membership

Named for Leon Battista Alberti, the father of Cryptology. Receive a Spy Store Gift Card, extra Guest Passes, and more!

Lafayette Society $1,000

Premium Membership

Named for James Lafayette, an African American slave and Patriot spy during the American Revolutionary War.

Argo Society $2,000

Premium Membership

Named for the covert CIA operation that successfully exfiltrated six American diplomats from Tehran, Iran. Includes a complimentary ticket to the annual William H. Webster Distinguished Service Award Dinner.

Corporate Partnerships

Premium Membership

Aligning your business with SPY is an excellent way to support the global intelligence community and our mission of educating the public about their important work in an engaging way.