SPY Resources

The Museum is committed to providing unique resources and educational opportunities for all audiences. From hands-on workshops to exclusive lectures and programs, visitors of all ages can take a deeper dive into the world of espionage.

Spy From Home


You don't have to come to the Museum to enjoy and learn from all of our resources. Take a peek at the fun and educational ways you can take a deep dive into SPY!


Virtual Field Trips

You don’t have to leave the classroom or home in order to experience SPY’s unique and engaging workshops. Using interactive videoconferencing technology, SPY can connect with schools or groups across the world!

Teacher Resources

The Museum provides FREE classroom lessons, resources, and activities that support traditional curriculum. Ranging in subjects, lesson plans include primary documents and step-by-step instructions for implementing activities in your classroom.

Collection Highlights

Through its extensive collection, the Spy Museum illustrates the real-life stories of intelligence professionals and offers insight into the overall impact of spycraft on world history as well as public perception of espionage practices.


Test your spy skills and piece together a four rotor Enigma Machine or discover the secrets to lockpicking with the Key Pattern Device. Explore ten new puzzles with varying levels of difficulty and fun for the whole family!


Each week, we offer a new free SpyCast featuring interviews and programs with ex-spies, intelligence experts and espionage scholars.

SPY on YouTube

Check out the Museum's YouTube channel for engaging video content including author debriefings, discussions of current events, interviews with former spies, DIY workshops, and more.

KidSpy at the Movies

Let top secret agents and super cool spy gadgets immerse you in the secret world of espionage.

Language of Espionage

If you expect to make it out there, you’re going to need to learn the lingo. Put in the work here and you’ll be talking the talk in no time.

Recommended Reading

Peek into the world of espionage with our favorite books. This curated list from the Spy Store's book buyer and education team features quarantined-approved reads for the wanna-be spy!