Students & Educators

Enter the shadow-world of spying where all is not what it seems and your students will discover a new way of thinking about the world in which they live. The International Spy Museum is committed to educating students and educators about espionage in an engaging way and to providing a context that fosters understanding of its important role in and impact on current and historic events. The Museum provides unique resources for educators and students that are both inter-and multi-disciplinary.

Field Trips

Explore the world of espionage with the International Spy Museum. Virtual field trips now available!

Virtual Workshops

Now Available! You don’t have to leave your classroom in order to experience SPY’s unique and engaging workshops.

On-Site Student Workshops

Take your visit to a new level with a hands-on workshop that meets national curriculum and Common Core Standards.

Lesson Plans & Activities

The Museum provides FREE classroom lessons, resources, and activities that support traditional curriculum.

Educator Professional Development

From the Secret History of History to the Science of Spying, the Museum offers educator professional development workshops that provide a new and interesting content on topics.

National History Day

Are you a student researching a National History Day project? We are happy to support you if the “secret history of history” (spying or espionage) is your focus.

Group Reservations


Your mission...join the coolest teen volunteer program!

Teen Volunteer Program

Are you interested in the shadowy world of spying? Do you like working with the public? Then this mission is perfect for you!