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The International Spy Museum is a non-profit organization that brings the world of intelligence to life - illuminating how it has changed the course of history and continues to play a significant role in our lives today. 

First opened in Washington, DC on July 19, 2002, the Spy Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display. Many of these objects are being seen by the public for the first time. These artifacts illuminate the work of famous spies and pivotal espionage actions as well as help bring to life the strategies and techniques of the men and women behind some of the most secretive espionage missions in world history.

The mission of the Spy Museum is to educate the public about espionage and intelligence in an engaging way and to provide a context that fosters understanding of their important role in and impact on current and historic events. The Museum is committed to the apolitical presentation of the history of espionage in order to provide visitors with impartial, accurate information.


Leadership at the Spy Museum including Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Honorary Board.


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Community Initiatives

Strong community relationships help guide the Museum’s offerings and inspires diverse programming to local DC metropolitan community.