Youth & Families

The International Spy Museum is a great place to take the family. While all children are welcome, the Museum’s content is best suited for ages 9 and up. Families with agents 10 & under may want to check out our 90-minute Family Highlights Tour.  In addition, the Museum offers scheduled programs and events and ongoing interactive experiences. Check out our free resources below to help bring out your inner spy at home!


Girl Scouts

Calling All Girl Scouts: Come see what the International Spy Museum has to offer! Troops can discover our collection on-site and virtually through our exclusive Girl Scout programming.

Mission Top Secret Birthday

Recruits will go on a secret "scavenger hunt style" mission where their tradecraft skills will be put to the test! Along the way, they will craft a cover story, slip into disguise, and decode secret messages. Will they succeed? That’s classified…at least for now.

Youth Activities

Check out our activities and resources - perfect for use at home or in the classroom!

Spy Camp

Take your kids beyond their screens and out into the shadow world of espionage, where “all is not what it seems.”

Tips for Families

Bringing young children 9 and under? Although the Museum’s primary audience is ages 9 and older, we know that younger children can have a really fun and fulfilling experience at the Museum with a bit of support.

Support Spy

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From science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to social studies and language arts, our unique approach engages all learners in problem-solving scenarios inspired by real stories from the world of espionage and intelligence.
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