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The International Spy Museum is committed to providing a quality experience for all of our guests. The following provides information about a range of accommodations.


Travel Tips

Parking: For guests that need handicapped parking, the District of Columbia allows free 4 hour parking at any meter, along with specific "red-topped" handicapped parking meters. Metered parking is available on all streets around the Museum.

Public Transportation: The Museum is located two blocks away from the Gallery/Place Chinatown elevator on 7th Street and three blocks away from the Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter elevator just off Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Building Accessibility


The Museum's permanent exhibition and Museum Store are fully wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs may be borrowed at the Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests are requested to leave a photo ID at the Information Desk while using Museum wheelchairs.

Elevators provide access to all floors and exhibits. All restrooms in the Museum complex are wheelchair accessible. There is limited seating in the permanent exhibition, but guests will find ample seating in our three theaters located at the beginning, middle, and end of the galleries (“Briefing Theater,” “Cloak and Dagger Theater,” “My Bond Moment” on our floorplan). 

Please be advised that certain rooms in the Museum contain fast flashing lights. If this is a concern, please speak with a member of the guest services department before your visit and we can fully brief you on the locations where strobe lighting is used.


For Guests Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision


There are many places in the International Spy Museum that feature tactile objects or audio components. For guests with sighted companions, a text-based map and description of these points of interest is downloadable or available at the Information Desk in the Museum Lobby.

Guests may also take advantage of an audio-described tour of the Museum led by trained Museum staff. This tour is approximately 60  minutes in length and covers the key content, labels, and sites in the permanent exhibition, and it includes tactile artifacts. The audio-described tour is included with the Museum admission price and is recommended for small parties.

If you would like to read or review the Museum’s labels, a non-printable, non-transferable version of them can be accessed by clicking here. This searchable script is formatted to follow the order of the Museum’s galleries.

Please call 202.654.0991 or fill out a request form at least five days before your visit to reserve your tour. These requests are subject to availability and are provided at the discretion of the management.


For Guests Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

captionssign language

The International Spy Museum’s Spy’s Eye™ captioning system provides an opportunity for guests to activate captions on videos in the Museum galleries with a credit-card sized triggering device worn around the neck. Guests can pick up this device at the Museum's Information Desk, located in the Museum Lobby. Guests are required to leave a photo ID at the Information Desk while using the device. These devices will work in our 3rd Floor galleries, while our special exhibit, Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of James Bond Villains, has open captioning.  For audio-only presentations, look for scripts or wall text placed near each of these presentations. For guests who are hard of hearing, headphones are available for all Operation Spy tours.  One hour advance notification is appreciated.

Sign language and oral interpreter services or real-time captioning is available for public programs and Operation Spy with 48 hours to one week advance notice. Please call 202.654.0991 to request this service.


For Guests With Sensory Sensitivities

The International Spy Museum has a number of exhibits that include loud noises and changing light levels. In order to make some of these “surprises” more predictable, we have created a few resources to help prepare individuals for their visit. 

  • Pre-visit Video Tour: Guests are invited to watch a pre-visit tour of the Museum. This 6-minute video shows aspects of the Museum visit that might be surprising or alarming to some guests. Adults might want to preview it before watching it with their children.
  • Social Story: This booklet with large photos is designed to take guests through various aspects of a visit to the Museum. 
  • Sensory Map: Guests can print out a copy of this map which highlights the most surprising parts of the galleries. Guests can also request a copy of this map when they purchase their tickets.