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Go Undercover!
Today's Hours
9:00am - 7:00pm

Permanent Exhibit

Briefing Center

5th Floor

Receive your cover identity and prepare to test your spy skills throughout the Museum on your UNDERCOVER MISSION.

Stealing Secrets

5th Floor

Come face to face with spies and spymasters, gadget makers, scientists, and engineers from past and present. Take a closer look at the hundreds of imaginative inventions used to steal secrets.

Making Sense of Secrets

5th Floor

How does secret information get turned into useful intelligence? Try your hand at code-cracking, think like an analyst, and experience how decision-makers use intelligence.

Covert Action

5th Floor

Discover the age-old techniques leaders use to secretly influence events abroad. Find out about covert mission failures and successes – from sabotage to lethal action.

Spying That Shaped History

4th Floor

How has spying shaped the world? Explore stories from the American Revolution to 21st century cyber warfare. What happens when secrets are kept…and revealed? Hear what real spies think about on-screen spies.

An Uncertain World

4th Floor

How do spy agencies protect against threats at home? What happens when they go too far? Delve into spy tales from Renaissance Venice to Cold War Berlin.

Debriefing Center

4th Floor - Conclusion

Receive your Undercover Mission conclusion and performance debrief that summarizes your top spy skills.

Go Undercover!

Undercover Mission

Test your spy skills at 17 different digital and physical interactives through the Museum’s permanent exhibition. You’ll be challenged to remember your cover identity and join in activities ranging from cracking codes to spying on other “spies.”

Collection Highlights


Explore the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display.

Undercover Mission


You can go undercover and test your spy skills on a mission as you travel the Museum's permanent exhibitions. Your performance is tracked and you receive a debrief upon conclusion. Here you can access your full debrief by using the number on the back of your Undercover Mission badge.
Strategic Thinker
Nerves of Steel
Strong Memory