Undercover Mission

Ever wonder what it would be like to live the life of a spy? Undercover Mission gives you the chance to find out. Spread throughout the Museum are eight special digital stations that test your spy skills. Each is identified with a Undercover Mission logo. 

Your mission begins in the Briefing Center where you will receive your Undercover Mission badge. From there you will be assigned a new identity and sent to a foreign country. 

In the exhibits, look for the Undercover Mission stations, where you will be assessed on your ability to complete tasks specific to your unique mission. These include blending into your new environment, creating a gadget to gather secret information, and uncovering hidden dead drop sites. At the end of the Museum’s exhibits you can find out if your mission was a success and discover your top two spy skills.

Before You Arrive 

If you want an advance peek at the Undercover Mission interactives and skill challenges, download the Undercover Mission Map.

As you travel through the exhibits you can participate in Undercover Mission as much or as little as you like (or not at all). Your scores and collected “intel” will be tracked. In the final exhibit, the Debriefing Center, you can “checkout” with your badge to see your top two skills and discover the conclusion to your mission.   

After You Leave — Discover All Your Skills

To get the full Debrief and find out all your scores, see your skill medallions, and photos, log on to the special Undercover Mission portal.  Here you can also “meet” a real spy with similar skills and learn how they used your top skill in the field. To access this portal you can either provide your e-mail when you checkout at the Debriefing Center or use the number on the back of your badge when you get home (you’ll have 30 days to access this information).


Undercover Mission Map

View all Undercover Mission interactives and skill challenges in the Museum, and make sure you don't miss a station!

Undercover Mission

Your Undercover Mission Debrief

Mission Accomplished? You can reveal your Full Debrief complete with all your scores, photos, skill medallions and more using the number on the back of your Undercover Mission badge.
Strategic Thinker
Nerves of Steel
Strong Memory