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Spy Chiefs: An Overview with Dr. Christopher Moran & Dr. Mark Stout

In pop culture, the spy chief is an all-knowing, all-powerful figure who masterfully moves spies like pieces on a chessboard. How close to reality is that depiction, and what does it really take to be…

Star Wars or Spy Wars

On Star Wars Day, take a deeper dive into the bowels of the Sarlacc Pit!  Join Dr. Vince Houghton, Spy Museum historian, for his annual exploration of the intelligence operations (or lack thereof) in the…

Free Admission for Teachers!

It's no secret, we love teachers! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, show your school ID and enjoy FREE ADMISSION to the Museum, 20% off at the Spy Store +  a free classroom kit (while supplies last)…

Expectations of Privacy in the Digital Age

Join Terry Roberts, Founder and President of WhiteHawk, Inc. for a discussion of cybersecurity informed by her extraordinary career in intelligence.  She was previously the Vice President for Intel and…

Spy Fiction Writer's Workshop

No one is who they appear to be." - M. Mahle

May 24