Dr. Vince Houghton

Dr. Vince Houghton specializes in military and intelligence history, with specific expertise on late-WWII and early-Cold War eras.  He is the former historian and curator at the International Spy Museum and currently serves as the Executive Director of the National Cryptologic Museum. Vince was a history professor at the University of Maryland, and is also former military, having served in the US Army. He is the author of two books – Nuking the Moon: and Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board and The Nuclear Spies: America's Atomic Intelligence Operation Against Hitler and Stalin. 

Presentation Topics

Scientific and Technological Intelligence

Discussing the impact of science and technology on intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination capabilities, as well as the reciprocal impact of intelligence on science and technology. Subsets of this topic for consideration include, but are not limited to: the history of U.S. nuclear intelligence; overhead reconnaissance; weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical; cryptography; and technological espionage.

Intelligence Organization

The institutional histories of various intelligence agencies, particularly the OSS and the CIA. The story of the CIA is one of inter-service rivalry, bureaucratic infighting and red tape, and a conflict between the need for security and the desire for individual liberty that pre-dates the American Revolution. A useful topic for businesses and organizations in the process of establishing themselves.

Intelligence in Wartime

Covering the use and implementation of military intelligence, domestically and internationally. Subsets include: traditional military intelligence in wartime (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.); covert operations that aid insurgencies; and covert operations that oppose insurgency.


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