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What better way to delve into the world of espionage than to hear about it from those who have lived it? Former intelligence officers reveal extraordinary experiences from their distinguished careers in the field and offer informed opinions on current and historical events. 

Speakers can offer formal speaking programs, VIP guided tours of the Museum, a “Dinner with a Spy” experience, or behind-the-scenes intel on artifacts in the exhibitions during Museum Exclusive Access. 

Looking for a unique Speaker to present at your conference location? Speakers can present off-site in DC or out of town. Fees will vary based on location.   


  • Duration: One (1) hour presentation by Speaker, to include approximately 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A
  • Topics vary based on the Speaker (see individual Speaker links to the right) but can be customized based on client interest and needs
  • Fees: Rates vary based on the Speaker; room rental fees may be required - ask your Sales Account Executive for more information


  • Tour Content: Museum collection highlights tour (personalized tours tailored to specific interests can be arranged)
  • Guides: Tours are led by intelligence experts who can offer insightful information about exhibits and share behind-the-scenes stories around key artifacts
  • Group Size: A maximum of 10-15 guests
  • Age Recommendations: Thirteen and older (specialty tours can be arranged through the Youth Education Department for 7-12 year olds)
  • Duration: Fees are based on a 60 minute tour of the Museum’s collections
  • Timing: Tours are available seven days a week, any day of the year with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas; based on Speaker availability
  • Fees: Rates vary based on the expert leading the tour; payment is due in full in advance of the tour
  • Add-Ons: Gifts, event space rental, exclusive museum access, and team-building activities - ask your Sales Account Executive about pricing
  • Reservation is subject to Speaker availability


The Spy Museum does not endorse, approve, or support the opinions stated by the speakers. Statements made by presenters do not represent the position or opinion of the International Spy Museum. 


Chris Costa

Chris Costa is a former intelligence officer of 34 years, former Special Assistant to the President and current Executive Director of the International Spy Museum.

Emily Crose

Emily Crose is a former US Intelligence officer with over a decade of experience in the field of cyber security.

Matt Devost

Over the past 25 years, Matt has been a cybersecurity expert with experience in the defense, intelligence, and, corporate, and academic domains.

Peter Earnest

Peter Earnest is the founding executive director of the International Spy Museum and a 35-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Rollie Flynn

Rollie Flynn is a 30-year veteran of the CIA and held a number of executive positions in the agency.

Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OODA LLC, a technology research and advisory firm. He is the publisher of CTOvision.com and OODAloop.com and is the author of the bestselling book The Cyber Threat.

Sandy Grimes

Sandy Grimes is a former CIA Officer who co-investigated and uncovered the actions of notorious spy Aldrich Ames.

Vince Houghton

Dr. Houghton is the International Spy Museum's current Historian and Curator. He specializes in military and intelligence history during WWII and the Cold War.

Oleg Kalugin

Oleg Kalugin is a retired Major General in the 1st Chief Directorate of the KGB.

Michael Lacombe

Michael Lacombe is a 28-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations with 10 years in the ranks of the Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), retiring as a SIS-4.

Melissa Boyle Mahle

Ms. Mahle is a former U.S. intelligence officer and expert on the Middle East and counterterrorism.

Jonna Mendez

Jonna Mendez is former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief of Disguise.

Eric O'Neill

Eric O’Neill is an attorney, security consultant and professional public speaker.

Gary Powers, Jr.

Gary is the author of Letters from a Soviet Prison (2017) and Spy Pilot (2019), which both help to dispel the misinformation surrounding the U-2 Incident.

David Priess

David Priess is a former CIA Officer and Top Secret intelligence briefer, acclaimed author, and professional public speaker.

Tony Shaffer

Lt Col Tony Shaffer (retired) is a highly experienced intelligence officer, and recipient of the Bronze Star, with 30 years of field and operational experience.

Lena Sisco

Lena Sisco is the author of "You're Lying! Secrets From an Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get to the Truth,” and "Marine Scout Snipers; True Stories From U.S. Marine Corps Snipers."

Mark Stout

Mark Stout is the International Spy Museum’s Former Historian. He worked for 13 years as an intelligence analyst.

Bob Wallace

A retired senior intelligence officer, Robert (Bob) Wallace served in the Central Intelligence Agency from 1971 through 2003.