Spy Speaker Series

Basic Intel

  • Duration: One (1) hour presentation by Speaker in-person or virtually, to include approximately 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A.
  • Topics vary based on the Speaker but can be customized based on client interest and needs.
  • Fees: Rates vary based on the Speaker - ask your Sales Account Executive for more information.
  • Payment is due in full prior to the event.
  • Reservation is subject to the availability of the speakers.

The Spy Museum does not endorse, approve, or support the opinions stated by the speakers. Statements made by presenters do not represent the position or opinion of the International Spy Museum. 

Real Spies, Real Stories


Meet spies and saboteurs, scientists and inventors. Explore the varied way they have collected intelligence. The people here come from different walks of life, but they share one thing in common: they each have a spy story to tell. Most of them took advantage of an opportunity to defy expectations and stereotypes, using their gender, race, fame, or just plain everydayness to serve their country– or betray it. Discover the stories behind these faces. You may never look at anyone the same way again.

Espionage Past and Present


Why spy? With history in the balance, spying tips the scales. In a volatile and unpredictable world, spying provides that extra edge. It bolsters political influence, military advantage, or economic clout.



Imagine the possibilities! Stealing secrets or planting misinformation undetected. Carrying out covert operations with no need for ninja-like commandos, no costly equipment, and no risk of casualties. The potential of cyber covert action offers that and more. From propaganda to sabotage, economic interference to political meddling, cyber operations let intelligence agencies gather information or disrupt vital systems swiftly, safely, and remotely.



Intel may come with recommendations or warnings, yet rarely is there 100% certainty. Leaders often ask for more information. Find out how decision makers use intelligence and how the same techniques are applicable in business and our everyday lives.

Looking for More?

We also have a podcast!

Podcast host Dr. Andrew Hammond, the Museum’s Historian & Curator, features rotating guests from the intelligence community, including our speakers. You can follow the podcast on Twitter @INTLSpyCast and the host at @spyhistorian.

Check out our Youtube playlist!

Enjoy videos of some of our speakers highlighting spy history, leadership, and real-life stories of spies in the field from the comfort of your home!