Matt Devost

Matt began his career in 1995 hacking into systems for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community and over the past twenty-five years has emerged as an established thought leader in the cyber and security domains. A successful entrepreneur, he has founded several companies including FusionX & the Terrorism Research Center, played a key leadership role in a handful of successful start-ups, and served as an advisor to DoD, a professor at Georgetown University, and a member of the Black Hat review board. Matt’s unique approach to technology, business, and security issues is driven by a technique he calls “HACKthink” – applying a hacker mindset to analyze and dissect complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

Presentation Topics


Matt presents on his unique approach to technology, business, and security issues which is driven by a technique he calls “HACKthink” – applying a hacker mindset to analyze and dissect complex problems and develop innovative solutions. Matt has used HACKthink to hack into aircraft carriers, global banks, and conduct hundreds of hacking operations. Learn the approaches that make this all possible and how they can be applied to your organization, market, or any problem or opportunity.

Who Hacks, Wins—Managing Cyber Risk

Gain a detailed understanding of the cyber threat and proven strategies and approaches for managing cyber risk in your organization. From criminals to nation state sponsored attacks, modern adversaries are targeting your networks, your data, and your people. Understand the tactics they are using and effective cyber defense countermeasures you can deploy today to thwart the attackers of tomorrow.

Kill with a Borrowed Sword

Matt has famously predicted cyberthreats for over twenty-five years and has been on the front-lines of cyberconflicts for over two decades having worked to counter Russian, Chinese, and other nation state threats. This presentation provides an overview of the current threat environment to include nation state attackers, criminals, cyberterrorists, and insiders and the knowledge you need to understand how these threats will evolve over the coming decade.

What’s Your Digital Footprint?

Are you curious as to how hackers might target you or your organization’s executives? Receive a breach disclosure notice and wondering what your risks are? Join professional hacker and cybersecurity expert Matt Devost on a tour of your digital footprint to understand what threat actors could be targeting you, how to raise your defenses, and best-practices you can implement right now to make yourself a hack-resistant target.

A New Hope: Cyber Innovation Over the Next 10 Years

A review of the technologies and strategies that will drive cyber security solutions over the next decade. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Autonomous Vehicles, we are on the precipice of incredible technological disruption. Matt provides an overview of this emerging technology landscape with a thoughtful perspective on how to manage risks and exploit opportunities.

Red Teaming: 20 Lessons Learned over 20 Years

Matt Devost draws upon 20 years of red teaming against governments and corporations to identify the top 20 lessons learned from red teamers that can make their engagements more successful. Filled with real-world stories drawn from hundreds of successful hacking operations, Matt provides the audience with an understanding of how hackers target systems, people, and processes.

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