Lena Sisco

Lena Sisco is a former Department of Defense (DoD) certified military interrogator and Naval Human Intelligence Officer who served in the Global War on Terror as an interrogator in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  She authored, You're Lying! Secrets From an Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get to the Truth, and Marine Scout Snipers; True Stories From U.S. Marine Corps Snipers.  In 2015 she gave a TEDx talk and she was a deceptive analysis expert on the TV show for three years.  In October 2013 she founded The Congruency Group.  Today she trains law enforcement, government agencies, and companies all over the world in her strategic interviewing method, elicitation, body language, deceptive analysis, enhanced communication, and leadership skills.  

She has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Rhode Island, an MA in Archaeology from Brown University, a certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, and she is certified in organizational change management.   

Presentation Topics

Deceptive Analysis Secrets from a Former Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get the Truth (90 minutes)

In this presentation, Lena shares the truths behind interrogation methods used at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, shortly after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, during the Global War on Terror. Rumors will be addressed and put to rest. Lena will share what really worked and what did not work when it came to breaking through the detainees’ resistance to tell the truth. She will share stories of how simple rapport gained valuable intelligence information and how her deceptive analysis expertise gained truthful information. She will talk about some of her lessons learned that she still continues to practice today when she is interviewing and that she continues to teach today to law enforcement, military, agency and private sector personnel. And finally, she will share some of her deceptive analysis skills with you so you can spot the lies and get the truth.

The ABC’s of Perfecting Human Interaction: Awareness, Body Language and Communication (90 minutes)

Lena will share techniques that will help you strengthen personal and professional relationships, become a stronger leader, mentor and communicator, manage your nerves and emotions better, and gain surprising confidence. You will know the dos and don’ts of body language, and be able to build amazing rapport by knowing exactly what to say, and more importantly what NOT to say. We spend a lot of time assessing others to help us interact effectively. However, in order to perfect how we interact with others, we must spend the same amount of time assessing ourselves. The techniques Lena will teach you will help you become more aware of how you communicate and interact with others so that you can build quid quo pro relationships that can help you gain followers and financial profits.

The Information Every Body Has That You May Be Missing; Find Out What Hidden Messages You May be Sending Through Your Body Language, and the Hidden Messages Others are Sending to You (60 minutes)

Do you tend to assume how someone feels just by looking at them? Is your assumption accurate? Do you know the one sure sign of uncertainty? Would you know if someone feels superior to you and is taking advantage of you? Can you identify when others are lying to you? Hidden messages are communicated unconsciously through our body gestures and facial expressions every time we speak. In this presentation Lena will teach you how to quickly and accurately read body language and facial expressions to get to the bottom of what is really being said.

Advanced Communication Strategies for Influential Leaders: Excel in Your Role as Manager, Mediator & Mentor (90 minutes)

This keynote is for any professional looking to enhance their interpersonal communication skills to accomplish professional goals and objectives, increase productivity and enhance professional relationships. In this presentation you will learn how to use body language successfully, how to favorably influence people, how to effectively receive and deliver information, how to turn conflict into cooperation, how to inspire and motivate others, how to be mindful and fully present, how to master the art of rapport and the tenets of great leaders. These techniques will help you become a stronger leader and communicator to manage, mediate and mentor those around you. Use these skills to foster a culture of respect, create an inclusive environment, increase your business acumen, and expand your professional and financial boundaries.

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