Emily Crose

Emily Crose is a former US Intelligence officer with over a decade of experience in the field of cyber security. She is an expert in both offensive and defensive cyber security and currently specializes in industrial control system security. She is also an advocate for LGBT+ inclusion.

Presentation Topics

What Does Cyber War Look Like?

Claims of a "cyber Pearl Harbor" have been prevalent for nearly a decade, but the implications of what a "cyber conflict" means for the public are not well understood. Former NSA analyst, Emily Crose discusses the realities of modern cyber threats to our critical infrastructure and helps the audience understand the ways which cyber conflict may impact our way of life.

Intelligence Democratized: How We All Participate in Modern Intelligence Operations

30 years ago, Intelligence collection was restricted to a small group of professionals. Today, anyone can participate in the collection and dissemination of intelligence on any number of individual and organizational targets. In this talk, Emily Crose gives an overview of how the process of intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination has been democratized to the masses, and how these activities impact our everyday lives.

Economic Espionage in The Modern Age

Economic espionage drives both domestic and foreign policy. Whether it's a trade war with a foreign power, or allocating domestic subsidies, business decisions being made at a national scale are influenced by a form of espionage that has evolved immensely over the last 20 years. In this keynote, Emily Crose reviews a history of economic espionage and contrasts modern approaches and explains how businesses can be better prepared for the realities of this new evolution of theft.

Cyber Security: Demystifying an Industry

We've all heard the term "cyber security" but what does it really mean? Emily Crose brings her 10+ years of experience to this entry level discussion on how cyber security works, different careers in this field, and how we all engage with it on a daily basis.

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