Dexter Ingram

Dexter Ingram is an energetic speaker with a unique perspective fusing STEM, Spy History, and Public Service. His private spy collection combines historical CIA, KGB, Stasi, OSS, SOE, and French Resistance "real life" gadgets with fictional media memorabilia from James Bond.

Dexter is a counterterrorism, counter weapons of mass destruction, and counter violent extremist strategist with over 25 years of experience. He's led U.S. interagency delegations to Asia and Africa focusing on nuclear proliferation deterrence. Dexter's assignments have included serving as Senior Advisor to the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Senior CT Advisor to INTERPOL in Lyon, France; Senior Political Advisor in Helmand, Afghanistan; Deputy Director of the State Department's WMD Terrorism effort; International Counterterrorism Fellow at the National Defense University; and as a senior liaison to the FBI and DHS.

His media experience includes numerous domestic and international appearances.

Step Inside the Collection

How do museums procure their artifacts? Mostly from private collections. Dexter Ingram is a collector of espionage artifacts and will take you on a journey inside his personal collection to showcase some unique pieces during this discussion. Items include CIA, KGB, and SOE spy gadgets and encryption tools. A true spy collection would also not be complete without James Bond memorabilia. During this presentation, you will have the keys to it all – and a guide who brings these artifacts to life.

Sharing is Caring: Interagency and International Intelligence Work

Working at the State Department or in the military will take you to some interesting places. Dexter Ingram has been all over the world, from Morocco to Afghanistan to France. His work as an advisor and liaison has helped advance counterterrorism efforts with agencies like the FBI, DHS, and INTERPOL. Hear Dexter discuss the importance of information-sharing through law enforcement channels to ensure Americans’ safety.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Washington, DC is an obvious target for terrorists, but the reality behind possible non-conventional threats might surprise many. Dexter Ingram has more than 25 years of experience as a counter weapons of mass destruction strategist. He will share with you some of the major concerns facing the U.S. today and how they are keeping a close eye on nuclear smuggling and regional nuclear proliferation deterrence.

Changing the System from Within

Dexter Ingram has worked in the military, public, and private sectors in his career. He’s worked at the White House, for think tanks, with international police organizations, and as a liaison for the FBI and DHS. Through it all, he’s been able to work within the current system to bring innovation to established ways of conducting business. During this talk, Dexter will explore the importance of youth involvement in public service, his push for operation improvements in his career, and examples of innovative ways to achieve success.

Embracing Chaos: Navigating Life's Challenges with Resilience

As Kipling widely noted, maintaining composure when chaos abounds is a trait to aspire to. Whether facing bullets on the battlefield, losing a passport before a family trip, or confronting a work deadline crisis, chaos manifests in various forms. Embracing chaos involves cultivating adaptability, positive framing, and building support networks. By honing this skill, we transform chaos from a force of disruption, into a catalyst for growth and strength.

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