Bob Gourley

Cyber intelligence pioneer Bob Gourley leveraged his background in providing all source intelligence to the most sensitive sub vs sub operations in the US navy to create the J2 organization at the DoD's first Cyber Command, the JTF-CND. He would later become the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he improved our nation's ability to collaborate with allies on global threats while protecting our most sensitive secrets. Today he is the CTO of OODA LLC, providing due diligence and cybersecurity support to organizations who want to improve the functionality of their IT while making it harder on adversaries to steal their secrets. 

Presentation Topics

The Future of Technology

Bob presents to audiences on a variety of topics flowing from his personal experience in the intelligence community and as a security professional. The Future of Technology captures insights from the major trends in technology and what the very near future holds for us all and concludes with actionable recommendations that can inform business decisions today. This presentation has informed the strategic planning of major corporations and the government and is maintained with the very latest from the rapidly changing world of technology.


This presentation on cybersecurity is focused on informing audiences on what they need to know about the cyber threat. Lessons are drawn from history, including the history of intelligence operations and Bob's personal history of direct contact with adversaries in cyberspace, as well as Bob's current work defending enterprises from cyber-attack. Bob’s talk encourages actionable insights for both corporations and individuals including tips for defending your part of cyberspace.

Artificial Intelligence

Bob presents on the promise and opportunity of AI, while hitting head on upon the four biggest challenges of currently fielded AI solutions. AI today can be unfair, produce unexplainable results, be tricked, and can be leveraged by adversaries in unexpected ways. Bob's presentation on AI provides a framework for addressing these challenges.

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