Visitor Policies

Covid-19 Safety Measures

  • Masks are recommended for all guests.
  • Vaccine identification is not required for general admission.

Visitor Policies

  • No food, drinks, or chewing gum in the permanent exhibition.  To stay hydrated on your mission, bottled water is welcome. Chilled drinks and snacks are available in the Spy Museum Store.
  • Spies under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable, and resale is prohibited.
  • Late policy: You may enter the Museum at your scheduled ticket time. Please note that late arrivals will be accommodated based on capacity, if possible. There is no early entry.
  • Good spies travel lightly, so please limit the number and size of the items you bring.  A limited number of free storage lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. Large items, such as luggage, are not permitted in the permanent exhibition.
  • Visitor conduct: At the Spy Museum, we value and respect our diverse visitors, staff, and volunteers and expect the same from our visitors. Any use of inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the Museum.
  • Only Spy Museum personnel can give tours in the exhibition.
  • Visitors are welcome to take photos (non-flash) and videos for personal use at the Museum, unless specifically noted in the exhibition. Commercial photography and videography must be approved in advance by our Communications staff.
  • All groups must book through group sales and follow all Museum group policies and procedures.
  • Spies of all ages are welcome! Umbrella strollers and compact travel strollers that fit within these dimensions are allowed: 30” length and 25” width and 43” height (example images of strollers that meet size requirements are below).  Parts of the exhibit contain narrow pathways. To ensure a safe and pleasant visit for all guests, we limit the size of strollers in the galleries.  Guests with larger strollers can store them in the Cloak Room located in the Museum Lobby.  There are gender-neutral family restrooms with baby changing tables on every floor of the Museum. 

  • The International Spy Museum allows all manual or power-driven wheelchairs as defined by the ADA, as well as all manual mobility aids. Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices may not be able to be accommodated in the exhibition. Manual wheelchairs are available free of charge for use in the museum on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Shirts and Shoes are required for entry.
  • While on Spy Museum premises no visitor shall wear a ski mask, facial barrier covering, mask, hood, or device by which any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the individual unless given permission by Spy Museum personnel.
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted within the building at any time. This includes all tobacco products, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and vaping.

Visitor Conduct

While on Spy Museum premises no visitor shall:

  • Use loud, abusive, or otherwise improper language. Any use of inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the Museum.
  • Carry firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives, either openly or concealed on the premises. The prohibition on firearms applies to all visitors, including those with firearm permits, but not to active law enforcement personnel authorized to carry firearms (see Security Policy below). 
  • Display or carry placards, signs, or banners. This includes any person wearing attire that could detract from the experience of other guests.
  • Protest or conduct a demonstration.
  • Solicit or advertise for commercial or charitable purposes or distribute advertisements, pamphlets, handbills, and flyers.
  • Destroy, damage, or remove property.
  • Climb upon any part of the building or exhibit.
  • Loiter, sleep, or participate in unwarranted assemblies.
  • Create any hazard to persons or things.
  • Perform obscene or indecent acts.
  • Engage in disorderly conduct.
  • Bring dogs or other animals, other than service animals.
  • Take photographs for advertising or any other commercial purpose.
  • Solicit for commercial or charitable purposes or distribute advertisements, pamphlets, handbills, and flyers.

Cloak Room Policies

  • A limited number of free lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Please do not over-fill or jam items into the lockers.
  • The Spy Museum is not responsible for loss or damage to any items stored in the Cloak Room.
  • Large items, such as luggage and strollers larger than 30” length and 25” width and 43” height, are not permitted in the Museum exhibitions and must be stored in the Cloak Room.
  • Prohibited items are not allowed to be stored in the Cloak Room.

Security Policies

Security Screening

All visitors are required to pass through a security check point at all Museum public entrances.  This may include a hand-check of bags and walking through a metal detector.  Those unable to walk through the metal detector will be hand-screened with an electronic security wand by authorized personnel.

All visitors and their belongings are subject to search if requested by Spy Security staff. 

Prohibited Items

The safety of the International Spy Museum’s visitors, volunteers, staff, and collections is of the highest importance. The following items are strictly prohibited from Museum property:

  • Weapons/firearms, except qualified law enforcement. See below.*
  • No knives or blades of any length are permitted.
  • Clubs, hammers, martial arts devices, and related items.
  • Flammable liquids and gases greater than 0.5 oz.
  • Fireworks, ammunitions, explosive devices, and related materials.
  • Paint and related marking materials; spray cans (including pepper spray and mace) and other aerosols.
  • Other items deemed dangerous, suspicious, or inappropriate by the International Spy Museum personnel.

*Qualified Law Enforcement - This policy excludes Federal and local law enforcement officials, who after displaying their credentials to our Spy Security team, may carry their firearms in a concealed manner. Local refers to all law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction within the immediate DMV area.