Thank you to our Donors

The SPY Museum is grateful to the following donors who made gifts and pledges of $250 or more during 2020. Their support, along with hundreds of other members and donors, has helped the Museum to recover from the impact of the pandemic and meet the future with resilience. 


$100,000 and above




AT&T National Security

Booz Allen Hamilton

Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Federal Data Systems, LLC

The Honorable Mary Beth Long

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in the United States



Alexis Albion 

Jeremy Bash

Matthew Bergman and Kim Berger

Bode Aviation, Inc.

Fran Dattilo and Dave Wilson

Electronic Warfare Associates

MAG Aerospace

Lisa Martin

PNC Bank

SOS International

The Honorable and Mrs. William H. Webster

Mark S. Zaid, Esq.



Accenture Federal Services

Ed Bachl

Birk Family Foundation

Peter Earnest and Karen Rice

EKS Group, LLC


HP Inc.

Tracy Iseler

Mission Solutions Group Inc.

Kyra Phillips

Patrick Spann



Chesapeake Employers Insurance Co.

Clark Construction Co.

Martha Duncan

Sue and Jim Gordon

Peter Neffenger

Plum Run LLC

Stu Shea and Kristine Petka

Ali Soufan

Third Option Foundation

Terry Wilton




John Avalos

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Becker

The Honorable James and Mrs. Janet Blanchard

Christopher and Linda Bond

Paul Bran and Nina Levine

Erik Buice

Candace and Charles Cowan

Matthew Dibbert

District of Columbia Public Schools

Kevin and Laurie Fink

Mitch Gerstein

Rolf and France Graage

David and Jackie Hunt

The Honorable Leslie Ireland

Al Kamen

Michael Lacombe

Gerald and Diane Laszakovits

Sandy Lerner

Keith and Karen Melton

Malcolm Nance

Jane Plante

Mike Riedel

The Honorable Mike and Mrs. Kristi Rogers

Parker Rutherford

Karen Schaefer

Joe Silverman

Jill Singer

Anna Slafer

Southwest Business Improvement District

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey/Thom Melcher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace

Damon and Jana Walsh

C. Reade Williams

Katherine Wood

Kristin Wood

Renee Wynn



Anonymous (4)

Peter Ackerman and Joanne Leedom-Ackerman

Marcia Baldwin

Robert K. Burke

Marcus Canzoneri

Michael Clager

Peter Crew

Alexandra de Borchgrave

Linda DiVall

Robert Eatinger

Lloyd Franklin

John Galliano

Gates Defense Systems

Lisa and Todd Goodglick

Doug Keating

Robert Liebscher

J.C. Lintzenich

Jon Monett

Bill Mooney

Kevin Oliver

James Parsley

Ralph Pickard

Donald Rutledge

Neil Sandhoff

Anthony Shaffer

Loren and Alexis Slafer

Lance Toland

Carlton Tolsdorf

Daniel Velazquez

Andru Wall

Matthew Weiner

Matthew Wheelock




Vin Arthey

Christopher and Donna Costa

Wendy Cunningham

William Daugherty

Elizabeth Dayon

Sharon Donatucci and Craig Donatucci

Carrie Gray

Jonathan Handler

Michelle Harper

Betty Hess

Martin Jordan

Kathleen Maguire

Thomas and Michelle Melcher

Jill Naamane

Deana Ohara

Patrick Porter

Randall Rutta

Jonathan B. Smith

Susan Stuntz

United Way of the National Capital Area

Emmett Walsh

Zak Zebrowski

Gifts received in honor of the following individuals:

Christopher Costa

Peter Earnest

The Honorable Mary Beth Long

Michael Kruelle

Milton and Tamar Maltz

Ambassador Hugh Montgomery

John P. O'Neill

Secretary Leon Panetta

Anna Slafer

SPY Collections Department

Judge and Mrs. William H. Webster

John Wilson


Gifts received in memory of the following individuals:

Charles "Buz" Chaney

Maryse Beliveau-Nance

Dr. John Harbert

Renetta M. Lynch

Donald E. Moore (FBI 1941-1973)

Those Who Died on 9/11


The following donors made in-kind gifts of contributed goods or services:

Francis Boyd

Emily Crose

Matthew Devost

Pierre Funes

Bob Gourley

David Marcus

Jonathan B. Smith

Tomahawk Strategic Solutions


The Museum has made every effort to ensure that this is an accurate and complete list. Please call 202.654.0961 if you have questions or concerns. Thank You.