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Our most popular episodes.

  1. "Black Ops: The Life of a Legendary CIA Shadow Warrior" - with Ric Prado
  2. “Russia Upside Down” with Creator of The Americans Joe Weisberg
  3. "The IRA, The Troubles & Intelligence" with Eleanor Williams and Thomas Leahy
  4. “Ukraine & the Alliance” with David Cattler, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence & Security
  5. “I was a Presidential Daily Briefer on 9/11” Mike Morell & President Bush
  6. “The Nuclear Doomsday Machine” with Sean Maloney on Cold War Emergency Plans
  7. “America's Most Damaging Russian Spy, FBI Agent Robert Hanssen" with Lis Wiehl
  8. “Keeping Secrets/Disclosing Secrets” with Spy Chief turned DG of Australia’s National Archives David Fricker
  9. “The National Intelligence University” with its President Scott Cameron
  10. “El Chapo, the Sinaloa Cartel & Intelligence” with Trial Reporter Noah Hurowitz

SpyCast Starter Pack

New to the podcast? Here’s our selection of expert voices and viewpoints covering diverse aspects of espionage.

  1. “The 75th Anniversary of the CIA” – with former Director Robert Gates  
  2. “Becoming a Russian Intelligence Officer” – with Janosh Neumann
  3. "How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Spy Game" – with Mike Susong
  4. "Ukraine & Intelligence: One Year On" – with Shane Harris
  5. “Baseball & Espionage” – with World Series Champion Ryan Zimmerman & Marc Polymeropoulous
  6. “70th Anniversary of James Bond, Special” - with Alexis Albion on 007
  7. “From Navy Analyst to State Dept. Intelligence Chief” – Ellen McCarthy’s Journey
  8. “Intelligence & the World’s Largest Democracy” – Former Indian Intelligence Director Vikram Sood
  9. “Nazis on the Potomac” – with former National Park Service Chief Historian Bob Sutton
  10. "Israeli Military Intelligence" – with IDF Brig. General (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser
  11. "The North Korean Defector" – with Former DPRK Agent Kim, Hyun Woo
  12. "The Counterterrorism and Counter WMD Strategist" – with Dexter Ingram

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