Tokyo Rose: Zero Hour

with Andre Frattino, Kate Kasenow, and Janice Chiang

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023
7:00 PM ET

image of Tokyo Rose author, illustrator, and letterer
Andre Frattino, Kate Kasenow, and Janice Chiang


Tokyo Rose, the seductress of the airwaves, charming and demoralizing the Allies with every broadcastHer sultry tones were the ultimate WWII propaganda weapon, but who was she really? 

Iva Toguri was visiting Japan from her home in the United States when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. Trapped in Japan, she was pressed to renounce her American Citizenship, but she refused. As war raged across the Pacific, Toguri took a job with Radio Tokyo — where she was forced to host “Zero Hour, a propaganda show aimed at demoralizing American troops. Tokyo Rose - Zero Hour: A Japanese American Woman’s Persecution and Ultimate Redemption after World War II is a riveting graphic novel that tells the true story of this much maligned woman. Join us for a conversation with the author Andre Frattino, the illustrator Kate Kasenow, and the letterer Janice Chiang. They will discuss the care they took with telling this story in a meaningful and respectful way, and how important it was to have Chiang involved whose career has spanned 40 years including work with comic book greats like Stan Lee. From the intricacies of propaganda created by coercion to how Toguri became a scapegoat, this is your chance to discover this haunting story in a whole new way. 

Support for this program has been provided by a generous grant from the Pritzker Military Foundation, on behalf of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library. 

Auto-generated closed captioning will be available for this program. 


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