SpyCast Ep. 610 | Agent of Betrayal, FBI Spy Robert Hanssen

with CBS’ Major Garrett and Friends

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023
All Day

This episode of SpyCast is a recording of a recent program held at the International Spy Museum in collaboration with our friends at CBS/Paramount. To accompany their new podcast, “Agent of Betrayal,” we hosted a panel of experts to discuss the story and historical significance of the Robert Hanssen case. They discuss how an FBI agent sworn to protect America’s most precious secrets instead became a damaging and deadly mole.

The panel features Major Garrett, host of Agent of Betrayal; Dr. David L. Charney, the psychiatrist who met with Hanssen for a year after he went to jail; Dr. John F. Fox, Jr., FBI historian; and David Major, retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Spy Museum Advisory Board Member who knew Hanssen as a colleague.

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