Operation Secret Sleepover

When the lights go down, the adventure begins! The Museum doors have been locked for the night, but in the shadows your exclusive group of recruits stands ready to begin a night of top-secret spy training where you have the entire Museum to yourselves! 

Your night of intrigue and adventure concludes with a Mission Accomplished family friendly dining option and sleepover.  By the light of day your “you were never there” adventure concludes with a Mission Accomplished breakfast, with super-secret photos and memories to last a lifetime. 

Basic Intel:

  • Group size: up to 10/Pending Mayor's Orders
  • Duration: Exclusive access to the Museum galleries and Roof Terrace from 7:30 PM to 9:00 AM
  • Take home: Super stealthy spy kits for each recruit
  • Your Guide: Designated Chief of Station (a.k.a. masked staff member)
  • Add on: Family friendly food options available
  • Reservation is subject to the availability of the Museum’s staff and must be finalized with full payment in advance.
  • Payment is due in full in prior to the overnight.