DIY Spy Birthday Party

So you’re cooped up and quarantined...AND it’s your child’s birthday. How can you make it extra special? Throw a SPY Museum birthday party at home.

Your child…ahem…”recruit” has been selected for a very important and highly classified birthday mission. A mole has hidden their birthday surprise somewhere in your house. Can they find and decipher intel to find their surprise before time runs out?



Need gift ideas? Top Secret Birthday goodie bags , a reusable DENY EVERYTHING water bottle or our selection of party favors are perfect for each recruit.

Virtual Top Secret Birthday

Virtual Party

Take your birthday celebration to a new level of cool with our live, action-packed, virtual Top Secret Birthday Party! Do you and your friends have what it takes to be spies? Now’s your chance to find out during an interactive Zoom birthday party led by the International Spy Museum!