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Operation Spy

Operation Spy is an immersive, interactive experience at the International Spy Museum where you're the spy!

Critical Mission Intel

  • Agents must be 12 years and older to enter the Operation Spy mission.
  • Each mission is limited to 15 people per tour.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time for debriefing.
  • Does not require advanced training or a license to kill.
  • Guests will forfeit their Operation Spy ticket if they arrive after the start time printed on their ticket.

Step out of Washington and into the fictional country of Khandar!

From the moment you pass border patrol, you enter the exotic world of Khandar and the mysterious realm of espionage. Waiting in the bus depot for your field station contact to meet you, you can’t help but notice disturbing newscasts on the aging TV monitors. You sense the political unrest roiling the country of your late-breaking assignment. You size up your new colleagues, who are also waiting…do they have what it takes?

Finally, you spot your contact fast approaching. With few words, you and your colleagues follow them through a back alley of the city’s marketplace. Winding your way down the narrow cobblestone street, you weave through shadows by unusual stores, as the scent of spices drifts through the air. A nondescript door in a courtyard reads “Khandar Exports.” This is the front company for the intelligence agency’s command center in Khandar. You enter.

In the command center, the intelligence chief at Khandar City Station patches in to brief your team. From this moment on, you are launched full speed into the fast-breaking operation. Your mission: find the trigger device and discover who is involved in its theft.

Decrypting secret audio conversations, penetrating and escaping from a high-security compound, as well as interrogating a suspect agent are all part of your mission. Your pulse will quicken as you evade capture and search for hidden evidence. Who knows what could happen should the trigger fall into the wrong hands. One false move could have serious consequences. You’ll have to remind yourself it’s only a game.



Operation Spy is an active experience for ages 12 and above. Participants will encounter some low light levels and confining spaces, an elevator, motion simulators, sound effects, and physical and mental challenges. There is one set of stairs that participants must walk up and down; however, there is no crawling, climbing, or jumping. Operation Spy is limited to 15 people per tour and is accessible to all. Guests who require the use of a wheelchair or walker must purchase their Operation Spy tickets directly from the International Spy Museum by calling 202.654.0991.