Activities & Resources


Frequency Analysis Code Cracker

Can you crack this secret message? You will use FREQUENCY ANALYSIS to crack these codes.

Crack A Top Secret Code

As long as there have been secrets there have been codes - they are a spy's best friend or worst enemy. Do you have what it takes to become a code master? Try your hand at cracking this top secret message.

Mind Memory Activity

In the shadowy world of spying, having a good memory is extremely important. A spy cannot always take notes. Memorizing mission details and important intelligence is critical to your success. Recruits, test your memory skills and see if you have what it takes.

DIY Ninja!

What can you learn from Ninjas? How about strength, focus and stealth? This set of activities can be broken up and used individually or compiled together into a Ninja Obstacle Course.

Q's Gadget Lab: Maker Projects

You can create your own spy missions at home with these downloadable worksheets.


Recommended Reading List

Calling all recruits! Peek into the world of espionage with our favorite books. This curated list from the Spy Museum's book buyer and education team features quarantined-approved reads for the wanna-be spy!

Spy Fiction Novel Notes

Want to write a spy fiction story but need help getting started? We’ve got you covered. This guide will take you through the “main ingredients” you need for your story plus the imaginative “bells and whistles.”

DIY Spy Birthday Party

So you’re cooped up and quarantined...AND it’s your child’s birthday. How can you make it extra special? Throw a SPY Museum birthday party at home.

KidSpy at the Movies

Check out our top spy movies and immerse yourself in the secret world of espionage.