In-Store Book Signing Event: Red London

with author Alma Katsu

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Saturday, June 10, 2023
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET
International Spy Museum Store
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Join us in the Spy Museum Store for a special book signing event for Red London with author Alma Katsu.

Alma Katsu is the award-winning author of seven novels, most recently Red London, Red Widow, The Deep, and The Hunger. Prior to the publication of her first novel, she had a thirty-five-year career as a senior intelligence analyst for several US agencies, including the CIA and NSA, as well as RAND, the global policy think tank. Katsu is a graduate of the masters writing program at the Johns Hopkins University and received her bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University. She lives outside of Washington, DC, with her husband, where she is a consultant to government and private industry on future trends and analytic methods.

With RED LONDON, Katsu continues to expertly layer the details and drama of some of the most elusive agencies in the nation into her story, while also capturing the complexities of the women at the center of the action.  

Lyndsey Duncan has the fate of a country in her hands. She has a new asset to turn, in order to prevent the most calculated global invasion of our time but will her new blossoming friendship prevent her from doing the right thing? Red London is a nuanced, race-against-the-clock story that at times feels eerily set against today’s headlines. Lyndsey is determined to fulfill her task of keeping tabs on a deadly war criminal after an explosive of a well-placed mole within the CIA.  

However, when her MI6 counterpart, Davis Ranford calls for her to cozy up to the billionaire’s aristocratic British wife, Emily Rotenberg. Lyndsey Lyndsey’s job is to obtain any and all information related to Emily’s husband, Mikhail Rotenberg, and his relationship with the new Russian president, whom CIA and MI6 believe is responsible for the sudden mysterious disappearance of his predecessor, the Hard Man. Fortunately for Lyndsey, there’s little to dissuade Emily from taking in a much-needed confidante. After all, misery needs company.

But before Lyndsey can cover much ground with her newfound friend, the CIA unveils a perturbing connection between Mikhail and Russia’s geopolitical past, one that could dangerously upend the world order as we know it. As the pressure to turn Emily becomes higher than ever, Lyndsey must walk a fine and ever-changing line to keep the oligarch’s fortune from falling into Russian hands and plunging the world into a new, disastrous geopolitical reality. 

This is a rare female-centric spy novel written by an insider that feels eerily set against today’s headlines. With the sinuous suspense of The Americans and Homeland, RED LONDON is a rare spy novel written by an insider that feels as prescient as it is page turning and utterly unforgettable.  

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