Curator’s Corner: Spooked with Barry Meier

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021
12:00 PM ET
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In a hidden world peopled by ex-intelligence agents, former journalists, wannabes, and the occasional sociopath, a new generation of cheap off-the-shelf technology is making it easier for hired spies to listen to our phone calls, read our email, and influence what we see on social media.  

Join International Spy Museum Historian and Curator Andrew Hammond in conversation with Barry Meier, who investigated the private spying industry for his new book SPOOKED: The Trump Dossier, Black Cube, and the Rise of Private Spies. A former New York Times investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Meier reveals the hidden, billion-dollar industry comprised of corporate investigators – or spies-for-hire – who are paid to dig up dirt and, if need be, destroy their clients’ adversaries.

Politicians, companies, and dictators are all making use of these dangerously clever freelance intelligence agents. From an underground trade in hacked or purloined documents to a certain well-planted dossier, and the manipulated reporters assisting it all, Meier shines a light on a landscape worthy of any spy novel—a place where loyalties are for sale, information is currency, and double crosses are commonplace.  

Following their discussion, you’ll be able to ask questions via our online platform.

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