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Anonymous Heroes: African American Spies of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War

As historians look more closely at espionage history, the significance of African American intelligence contributions to the American cause in the Revolution and the Union victory in the Civil War is finally…

Intelligence as a Career Path: Black History Month After School Program

Meet counterterrorism expert & author Malcolm Nance!

United States of Jihad with Peter Bergen

The tragic, ISIS-inspired attack in San Bernardino was a harsh reminder that “homegrown” terrorism is a real and present danger. CNN national security analyst and New York Times bestselling author Peter…

The ESP in Espionage: An Evening with Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows

When the US government began their Star Gate program in the 1970s, they were focused on the possibility of using psychic channels to gather intelligence. Psychics, in a clinically controlled setting, were…

KidSpy Overnight

When the lights go down, the adventure begins! The Museum doors have been locked for the night, but in the shadows a group of exclusive recruits stand ready to begin a night of top-secret KidSpy® training…

Mar 12

KidSpy Overnight

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