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Breaking Good?

“The break-in at the FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania changed history.” – Frederick A. O. Schwarz, Jr., former Chief Counsel to the US Senate’s Church Committee investigating America’s intelligence agencies…

Halloween Disguise Deal!

Spend the scariest night of the year where costumes aren't just for Halloween! Spy on us in disguise on Halloween and receive $5 off a General Admission ticket! Forgot your disguise at home? Visit the…

The Rise and Fall of Intelligence

In his sweeping history of the development of professional, institutionalized intelligence Michael Warner examines the implications of the fall of the state monopoly on espionage today and beyond.  As…

Meet A Spy

Join us at the International Spy Museum Store and “Meet A Spy” – uncover the world of espionage and intelligence from people who practiced professionally.

Eighth Annual Parade of Trabants

The ONLY Trabant Rally in the United States!

Oct 31
Oct 31
Nov 15
Dec 4
Dec 12