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Meet A Spy

Join us at the International Spy Museum Store and “Meet A Spy” – uncover the world of espionage and intelligence from people who practiced professionally.


Through exhaustive use of declassified documents, previously unavailable investigative materials, and wide-ranging interviews, Malcolm Byrne explores what made the Iran-Contra scandal possible and meticulously…

Global Terrorism, Espionage and Cybersecurity Monthly Update

Be the first to learn the latest intelligence news! Join David Major, retired FBI agent and former Director of Counterintelligence, Intelligence and Security Programs, for a briefing on the hottest intelligence…

Girl Scout Spy School 101

You may think it’s just another day at the International Spy Museum, but in the shadows a group of exclusive Girl Scout troops stand ready to begin their top-secret training. Troops will begin by perfecting…

88 Days to Kandahar

When President George W. Bush approved the first American-Afghan War, Robert Grenier, the CIA station chief in Islamabad from 1999-2002, found himself directing it.  Grenier launched the “southern campaign…

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