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Full Disclosure: Creative Responses to the Digital Privacy Crisis

As surveillance expands increasingly into public and private life, people—from artists to business owners—are finding very personal and creative ways to respond. Hear the intriguing ways some individuals…

Spies & Wine

Are drinking and counterfeiting an unlikely combination? Not for the experts in this lighthearted exploration of spies and wine. For intelligence officers like Tony Mendez, whose most famous mission during…

An Evening with a Futurist

"All inventions have unintended consequences."

Sensors Everywhere:

Human rights investigators increasingly use advanced technologies such
as imagery satellites in their work documenting abuses around the globe.
Traditionally these tools have been reserved for national intelligence…

The Rosenbergs

More than sixty years after their execution in June 1953 for conspiring to steal
atomic secrets for the Soviet Union, debate still rages about the Rosenbergs.
Mike Meeropol, the son of Julius and Ethel,…

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