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OSS 117

It’s 1967 and a former Nazi is hiding out in South America holding a damaging list of World War II French collaborators. There is only one man France can trust to track down the nefarious Professor Von…

Annie Jacobsen - The Pentagon’s Brain

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the radical force behind the nation's most revolutionary, high-tech military initiatives over the past half century. To write the first definitive…

Jason Hanson - Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer, security specialist, and recent successful contestant of ABC's reality show Shark Tank. Jason teaches everyday citizens to defend themselves at his Spy Escape and…

Dinner with a Spy

A passion for developing and using cutting edge technology has taken Jon Monett from Cold War warrior to successful entrepreneur to 21st century philanthropist.  Monett served more than 26 years at the…

Meet An F-4 Pilot: Mark Hewitt

Uncover the world of espionage and intelligence from people who practiced professionally! Join us at the International Spy Museum Store and meet an F-4 pilot. Mark A. Hewitt has always had a fascination…

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Dinner with a Spy

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