COVID Safety Intel

We have been hard at work on developing a comprehensive plan, guided by the recommendations of the DC mayor’s office and health authorities, to slowly and safely welcome back staff, volunteers, and visitors.

In accordance with the DC Mayor’s Order, Spy will increase capacity starting May 1. SPY will continue to create a safe and enjoyable experience with enhanced safety measures.


Here's what we're doing:

Limited Capacity

Stylus for Interactives

100% Outside Air Setting

Floor Markers for Distancing

Increased Cleaning

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Here's what you can do:

Online Contactless Tickets

Wear a Mask

Maintain 6' Distance

Do Not Visit if Ill

Pace Your Visit

Wash or Sanitize Hands


Book Online for Contactless Tickets

Advance Tickets

To ensure social distancing and follow federal and local government guidelines, we have reduced our capacity. Buying your tickets in advance is highly recommended to ensure contactless entry and lowered wait times.


Good spies plan their missions and prepare to be both SAFE and STEALTHY.  Here are some tips to support your OPERATIONAL PLANNING for your mission to SPY.
  • Why not consider your mask a way of staying #SafeandStealthy and use it as a DISGUISE?  Add a mustache, beard, lips, or facial jewelry. 
  • Remember: a good spy leaves no fingerprints! When you arrive at SPY HQ you will receive your own spy gadget (a stylus) for use on all of the Museum’s touch screens and to flip and turn many physical interactives. Feel free to bring your own from home instead and you are welcome to wear gloves to leave absolutely no trace. 
  • Social distancing is a #SafeandStealthy way to keep secrets! When you’re six feet or more from other agents, they are less likely to intercept your secret communications!
  • Make your own CIPHER WHEEL and use it decode hidden messages in our CODE ROOM gallery. 
  • Bring or make your own black light flashlight and you’ll be able to reveal invisible messages in our CODE ROOM. 
  • Practice your NINJA MOVES before arriving so you can get a good stealth score on your UNDERCOVER MISSION.

Rules and Recommendations

We are excited to reopen our doors to the public and we have put in place the following rules and recommendations to keep our guests, staff, and volunteers safe and stealthy.
  • Vaccinated. Vaccinated guests are required to properly wear masks and follow other safety rules, per CDC guidelines, when visiting the Spy Museum.

  • Health monitoring. Stay home if you are sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID19, or have had known exposure to the virus. Your mission and the Museum will be waiting for you when you are better. Per DC Mayor's executive order 2020-081 visitors from select states are required to self-quarantine after non-essential travel to the area. 

  • Limited capacity. We are limiting the number of guests in the building. Therefore, you may be required to wait outside until your ticket time. Late arrivals will be accommodated based on capacity when possible.

  • Social distancing. Along with limited capacity, we have adjusted the guest experience to ensure social distancing. Please abide by the social distance markers posted throughout the Museum. 

  • Pace your visit. To ensure spaces are not overcrowded and all guests are able to have an enriching experience, we highly recommend a visit of no more than 2 hours (including 15 minutes per gallery) and for guests to pace themselves by following a linear path through the exhibition. You can prepare for your visit by downloading the map.

  • Wear a mask. All guests ages 3+, staff, and volunteers must wear a mask when in the Museum. Masks must cover the nose and mouth, be secured with ties or ear loops, and fit snugly against the face. Please follow mask recommendations provided by the CDC (masks should not have valves, no gaiters, etc.). Exceptions for those with medical conditions and/or sensory issues can be handled with advance notice. Vaccinated guests are required to properly wear masks and follow other safety rules.

    Questions? Please review the CDC's Mask and Face Coverings Recommendations and the DC Mayor's Order 2020-080.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or utilize the hand sanitizing stations throughout the Museum.

  • Bring bottled water. For your safety, the water fountains are closed. You may bring bottled water into the exhibition. 

  • We have fine-tuned our interactive stations for your safety without compromising your experience. Free stylus pens are available to safely engage with the interactives. Please be aware that we have minimized the number of computer interactive stations to ensure proper distancing and closed a few high-touch areas in the exhibits to address safety concerns.

  • We have set our HVAC system on 100% outside air. The exhibits floors have complete air turnover every 15 minutes. All air handling units have two stage MERV-13 filtration which provides 98% efficiency for particles 0.3 -1.0 micros. And the Museum’s humidity is maintained at 50% RH which helps to limit virus transmission.

  • Contact Tracing. Per Washington, DC guidelines, SPY will enforce contact tracing. If purchasing a ticket onsite, staff will ask for a full name, phone number, and email address. This information is only used, by request, for DC contact tracing officials. Your information will not be used or sold for any other use, such as marketing purposes. The data is stored for a minimum of 30 days before deletion.

The COVID crisis has required all of us to make adjustments. As we begin our phased reopening, our decision-making is guided by the best interests of the public we serve as well as our staff and volunteers. Things are changing quickly and as we continue to learn more, we will continue to adjust our guidelines accordingly.

If you are unable to visit the International Spy Museum during this time, be sure to check out some at home activities, workshops, and programs. We look forward to welcoming you back to spy on us soon! 

Questions or help in planning your visit? Please contact our call center at 202.393.7798 or email

Please note that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By visiting the International Spy Museum, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

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