Education Programs: Support Access to SPY

The International Spy Museum is committed to providing access to our unique resources, curriculum, and other learning opportunities to audiences who, because of financial, physical, or geographical obstacles, would not otherwise be able to benefit from them. 

These programs address community needs locally, nationally and around the globe. Donors are recognized on our website, promotional materials, and Donor Recognition Wall. 

Opening Doors to the Autistic Community 

For autistic people and their families, a visit to the Spy Museum might seem  out of reach. The noise, the crowds, and the surprises make visiting for those with sensory disorders “mission impossible.” Each year, the Museum offers these families a special day when the sound and lights are lowered or turned off and specially trained staff and resources are made available. Nearly 900 people have attended this program since its inception in 2016. Your support for this program will allow us to offer this event twice a year, doubling the number of families we can reach. 

A gift of $100,000 to our education programs can cover expenses for two Autism Community programs and four additional smaller-scale programs for children with cognitive disabilities. 

Dynamic Learning Experiences for Underserved Students

A class trip to SPY is a one-of-a-kind experience that supports teachers in providing exciting and engaging paths to learning. The Museum has a long history of serving students with the greatest financial need. From civics to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) topics, the Museum works in partnership with school districts to provide workshops and lesson plans that enliven and support core curriculum standards. There are many DC-area students and teachers who cannot make use of the Museum’s unique resources due to financial barriers. With your support, we can make the Museum available to more students and teachers.

A gift of $250,000 to our education programs can make possible 125 class field trips (Museum visit and workshop for 3,750 students) and makes these programs free of charge for Title One Schools.

Memory Care Program

Individuals with dementia and their care partners need opportunities to interact in accepting and positive environments. Museum exhibitions and collections can stimulate recollections from long ago and create warm new experiences. In 2017, the Museum began a pilot program to identify how to best use our unique resources to serve this audience. This program, based on the latest research into international memory care programming, includes Museum visits crafted to resonate with this audience, vintage film and television screenings and connected conversation, object discussions, and music. 

A gift of $100,000 to our education programs can make possible 12 on-site programs.

Taking SPY to Hospitalized Children 

Children living with a life-threatening illness might spend weeks or months confined to a hospital room. Taking “the show on the road,” our educators and a former spy deliver the excitement and intrigue of the Museum directly to children and families in the oncology and hematology wards at area hospitals.  

A gift of $75,000 to our education programs can support six off-site hospital programs.
Educational Program

About Access to Spy

The International Spy Museum is committed to providing Museum experiences to all visitors. The Access to SPY series offers exclusive programs with enhanced accessibility for various audiences, including those with disabilities.
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