Permanent Exhibition: Sponsor a Gallery

More than 700,000 visitors experience the Museum’s permanent exhibit each year, discovering how the work of real spies shaped world history and continues to play a role today.

Stealing Secrets

Visitors learn the dramatic stories of real spies throughout history and explore the art and science of intelligence collection, from the tools of the trade and the collection of human intelligence to the scientists and engineers involved in technical collection. SEE MORE > 

Making Sense of Secrets

This space reveals how collected information becomes “intelligence” – something useful to decision-makers. It highlights codes and ciphers, the art of analysis, and how analyzed intelligence is used. SEE MORE >

Covert Action

Unlike in the movies, covert actions that send operatives on missions outside the country to secretly influence events are rare. Dramatic stories about these efforts are told here, from sabotage and deception to propaganda and lethal action. SEE MORE > 

How Spying Shaped History

Why do nations spy? This age-old question is explored through stories about how intelligence has shaped the world we live in and how spy agencies respond to the threats that all countries face. Visitors also learn about the ways pop culture influences the public’s view of espionage. SEE MORE > 

An Uncertain World

All countries experience threats – real, perceived or contrived. This gallery explores how they respond to those threats, and the world of counterintelligence. Exhibits from interrogation to surveillance bring visitors face to face with critical issues such as how to address terrorism, balance national security and civil liberties, and identify how much security is too much security. SEE MORE > 

Sponsorships for some individual displays and artifacts are also available. Let us work with you to find the perfect sponsorship.

Ursula Oaks

Director of Philanthropy