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Washington Spy Letter

On February 4, 1777, George Washington wrote this letter enlisting Mr. Nathaniel Sackett, a New Yorker who had proven himself a valuable spy catcher, as his “intelligence director.” Washington agreed to pay him $50 per month plus $500 to set up a spy network. The letter served as the launching point for an intricate and secretive intelligence network known as the Culper Spy Ring that would in large part save the American Revolution.

240 years later, we honor the rich legacy of America’s first Spymaster and our most revered artifact -- Washington Spy Letter.

For the scores of decades since it was written, the document remained in Nathaniel Sackett's family until it was acquired by the International Spy Museum and publicly exhibited for the first time in 2002. 

Due to its age and fragility, the letter is privately stored offsite ten months out of the year, with an exact replica in its place. It is exhibited under a low light and can be displayed for only two months each year - President's Day Weekend.

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