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Step 3: Add-On Fun Extras

Classified packages are filled with SPY party favors from the Museum store for each recruit. Items subject to change due to availability.

Classified PACKAGES-A

(included with SPY Master Level)

  • Secret Decoder Spy Pen. This super spy pen is perfect for super sleuths. Write a message in invisible ink and use the pen's decoder to reveal the classified information. The pen also conceals a secret compartment for hiding tiny treasures.
  • Spy-themed Mad Libs. Fill in the blanks with different parts of speech to create a super silly and sneaky spy story. In this special International Spy Museum edition, design the ultimate spy mobile, find out who is on the most wanted list, and learn how to speak like a spy. 
  • 2 Rubber Band Bracelets. Band together with your fellow spies to defeat the bad guys. Brightly colored rubber band bracelets are printed with snappy spy slogans, such as Danger, You Are Being Watched and Caught Red Handed.
  • Right Angle Viewer. Now you can be the ultimate "private eye." Just hold this clever gizmo up to your eye and an angled mirror hidden inside lets you see what is happening to your right. No one will know you are watching them while you are looking straight ahead! 
  • Deny Everything Sticker. Great for marking your territory. You can put them on notebooks, on lockers or anything that's yours. Remember, Deny Everything.

Classified PACKAGES-B 

Includes everything in Classified Package A plus:

  • Red SPY Water Bottle. A Red Water Bottle that makes a great gift for anyone. Light, easy to carry, and reads SPY for all to see!
  • Yo-Yo Spy. A Spy Museum Branded YoYo, what's not to love!
  • Red Top Secret Drawstring Bag filled with all items above. Spies love suspense and these extra-large goodie bags will keep ‘em guessing as to what’s inside! Adding an air of mystery to any spy-themed party, these drawstring tote bags are also fun to take to school, the beach, or shopping. “Top Secret” graphic design contains the Spy Museum logo.