Operation Eyes Only: Virtual Visit

Discover the shadow world of spying as your team of agents conduct a virtual infiltration of the Museum from the comfort and security of their own “safe house.” Spy Museum operatives in an undisclosed location will provide you “Eyes Only” level access: taking you on an odyssey around the world and across time to uncover the secrets of historic spy missions, amazing gadgets, and clandestine operatives both inside the Museum’s walls and beyond. Wonder where the axe that killed Trotsky was hidden for 20 years? Want a closer look at the umbrella gun? You will discover hidden spy stories that only we can reveal… and have all your probing questions answered live! Your team will feel the thrill of being an insider in the hidden world of intelligence. This mission is sweatpants approved!

The International Spy Museum’s Operation Eyes Only: Virtual Visit puts the “social” back into social distancing, providing your team the opportunity to infiltrate the Museum from the safety of their living rooms, but with the Museum’s signature level of engagement. Once you book, you can curate your experience from a menu of intriguing topics that will blend captivating storytelling, videos, gadgets, and activities. 

Basic Intel

Our Exhibitions & Programs Team will work with you directly after you book to discuss specific content, tone, and any other questions you may have. We currently offer the following options: 

  • “Operation Eyes Only: Virtual Visit” for up to 25 guests (flat fee: $1,500). All guests are visible to each other and can ask presenters questions directly. Your team has the option to choose a code name and wear a disguise, which can be judged by Museum staff and a small prize awarded! 
  • “Operation Eyes Only: Virtual Visit” for 1 - 300 guests ($40 per person—minimum charge of 30 participants). Provides an opportunity for more client-branding, enables all participants to ask questions, but keeps all  faces underwraps.

Each option offers a menu of stories from which guests can pick anywhere from 5-10. 




Spy Trivia

Team Building

No disinformation operations allowed here! In this fast-paced pursuit of the truth, participants compete to answer pop culture and spy related questions based on gadgets and stories selected from the museum’s exhibits and today’s headlines.

Spy For Hire

Speakers Series

Have a real spy infiltrate your home or meeting! Our Spies Eye View Speakers can tell their compelling stories of the clandestine life virtually via your client’s web conferencing platform. Pricing available upon request.

Deep Background

  • Your Virtual Guides: Led by members of our Exhibitions & Programs team who reveal the extraordinary stories of spies and spycraft and share their behind-the-scenes stories and insights into the exhibition topics and key artifacts.
  • Duration: Fees are based on a 60 minute experience, which includes all content plus guest Q&A. 
  • Fees: Connect us today to learn more! Payment is due in full in advance of the tour. 
  • Customization: Looking for something completely different, like a surprise engagement proposal, bachelorette tour, gender reveal, or spy swap?… the Museum is happy to work with you to create a spy memory that will keep you and your guests whispering for years to come! 
  • Age Recommendations: 18 and older. 


  • Reservation is subject to the availability of the Museum’s staff.
  • Reservations must be finalized with full payment in advance.
  • Tours can be customized for an additional fee.
  • Spy for Hire is subject to the availability of the individual Speaker(s).