In-Person VIP Guided Tours

Tour Guides

Colonel Chris Costa

Chris Costa is the Executive Director at the International Spy Museum and former Intelligence Officer.

Dr. Andrew Hammond

Dr. Hammond is the Historian & Curator at the International Spy Museum, Public Policy Fellow at the Wilson Center.

Dr. Vince Houghton

Dr. Houghton is the Director of the National Cryptologic Museum, and the former Historian & Curator at the International Spy Museum.

Dexter Ingram

Dexter is a counterterrorism and counter weapons of mass destruction strategist with over 25 years of experience. His private spy collection combines historical CIA, KGB, Stasi, OSS, SOE, and French Resistance "real life" gadgets with fictional media memorabilia from James Bond.

H. Keith Melton*

H. Keith Melton is the Founding Board Member of the International Spy Museum and owner of the world’s most extensive collection of espionage artifacts.

Jonna Mendez*

Jonna Mendez is the Former CIA Chief of Disguise, and a International Spy Museum Founding Board Member.

Amanda Ohlke

Amanda Ohlke is the Director of Adult Education at the International Spy Museum, as seen on “Mysteries at the Museum”.

Hannah Saloio

Hannah Saloio is the Adult Education Experience Developer at the International Spy Museum.

Dr. Mark Stout

Dr. Stout is the Program Director of MA in Global Security Studies, Johns Hopkins University. He is the founding President of the North American Society for Intelligence History.

*Board Member

Basic Intel

  • Tour Content: Museum collection highlights tour (personalized tours tailored to specific interests can be arranged based on staff availability).
  • Group Size: A maximum of 10 guests per guide for the VIP experience, 6 guests for the VVIP experience. Maximum of 40 guests total per tour. 
  • Age Recommendations: Thirteen and older (specialty tours can be arranged through the Youth Education Department for 7-12 year olds).
  • Duration: Fees are based on a 90 or 120 minute tour.
  • Timing: Tours are available seven days a week, any day of the year with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas; based on speaker availability. After hours and weekend fees apply.  
  • Fees: Rates vary based on the expert leading the tour; payment is due in full in advance of the tour.
  • Add-ons: Ask your Sales Account Executive for options and pricing.
  • Reservation is subject to speaker availability.

The Spy Museum does not endorse, approve, or support the opinions stated by the speakers. Statements made by presenters do not represent the position or opinion of the International Spy Museum.