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Burton Gerber

Mr. Gerber served in the Central Intelligence Agency for 39 years as a case officer and Chief of Station.

He worked primarily in operations concerned with the former Soviet Union and the former Warsaw Pact countries. In Sofia, Belgrade and Moscow he was the CIA’s Chief of Station. In Washington for eight years he directed the Agency’s operational programs in the Soviet Union and Europe. In 1992, at the initiative of then-Director of Central intelligence Robert M. Gates, Mr. Gerber established the National HUMINT Requirements Tasking Center. Mr. Gerber has received CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, Intelligence Commendation Medal and William J. Donovan Award. On three occasions he was designated a Meritorious Officer.

Presentation Topics

Spy Behind the Scenes

Burton Gerber will provide the rare opportunity to get a spy’s-eye view of the artifacts on display in the International Spy Museum. In this tour or lecture, Gerber will bring the Museum’s unique exhibits to life with stories from his distinguished career in the CIA and informed opinion on historical events. He’ll share how the gadgets really worked—or didn’t.

Espionage and the War on Terror

The adversaries are changing – no longer just governments, but elusive criminal and terrorist networks. Gerber will talk about the new "hard targets" (terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction) and how they differ from other "hard targets (the Soviet Union before, Russia and China today.) He will discuss topics of current or historical interest leading a discussion on the ethics of espionage.

Fact vs. Fiction

Gerber will speak about the reality of intelligence literature. How fiction relates to reality and how publicists help and hinder the public’s understanding of intelligence programs, successes and failures.