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Agent Storm

A New Mini-Exhibit Now On Display

Agent Storm: A Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA

Rebellious youth. Biker gang member. Radical jihadist. CIA undercover agent. Morten Storm has led an extraordinary life.

Storm grew up in Denmark in a troubled home during the late 1970s. At age 13, he attempted his first armed robbery. At 16, he joined a Muslim gang. He converted to Islam and eventually became radicalized - and aspired to be a jihadist warrior. A change of heart led him to contact Danish intelligence, offering his assistance in the fight against the extremists he had once called friends. One of these friends was American-born Anwar al Awlaki, an al Qaeda leader, considered to be the most dangerous man in the world. Storm's mission: to help CIA find Awlaki and bring him down. 

The new mini-exhibit, titled Agent Storm provides a chronological glimpse into the life of Morten Storm. See first-hand personal artifacts from Storm that factored into his mission as a double agent, including passports and identification documents, burner cell phones and a series of mission notes from his clandestine activities. 

The mini-exhibit will remain on public display in the Museum’s lobby until February 2016.

Explore the Exhibit

Follow Storm's journey - featuring personal artifacts from his days as a young boy in Denmark, to his conversion to radical Islam, and finally to life as a double agent.

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Watch the Videos

Watch videos produced by agent Morten Storm as he played matchmaker for the al-Qaeda senior commander Anwar al-Awlaki.

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