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Murderous Monopolists of the Information Age

  • Max Zorin and Elliott Carver share the same villain playbook: monopolize technology, win fabulous wealth, and control the world.   
  • See models used in their films including: the airship where Zorin announced his plan to destroy Silicon Valley in A VIEW TO A KILL and the lethal Sea Vac torpedo drill that Carver used in an attempt to trick the superpowers into a deadly nuclear exchange in TOMORROW NEVER DIES
  • Enter the Spy vs Spy Trap where players are pitted against each other on a code retrieval mission
  • Demonstrate your cool under pressure Bond-style by disarming a missile before time runs out at Operation Atomic Countdown.


Artifact Highlights:

  • Zorin airship, A VIEW TO A KILL, 1985
  • Model Sea Vac torpedo drill, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, 1997