T62-SU12 Teleprinter

1962, East Germany

I Was a Hotline in a Cold War.

That you humans almost brought annihilation upon yourselves is hard for us machines to compute: 1962 + Cuba + Missiles = Armageddon? Almost. After that near miss, we machines stepped in to enable direct communications between the White House and the Kremlin. As the teleprinter, I sent and received messages. My colleague ETCRRM-II did the encryption. Together, we helped the two superpowers avoid another crisis. You thought the “hotline” was a red telephone? Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Thermonuclear war would have been bad for us—but worse for you. 

T63-SU12 teleprinter, East Germany, 1962
The US and Soviets sent each other teleprinters for the hotline. This Russian language machine was used in Washington, DC.