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Russian Spy, American Defector: Meet Jan Neumann

Rendezvous Info
Thursday, November 12, 2020
5:30 PM EST

If you think that all the best spy stories happened during the Cold War – we have a doozy for you. 

In 2008, FSB officer Alexy Yurievich Artmonov was presented with three choices: (1) put a bullet in his own head, (2) wait for someone else to do it, (3) run. Which would you choose? Alexy chose (3). 

In fact, this story has all the makings of Cold War spy fiction: caught between the long arm of corrupt government officials and the mob, a spy and his wife go on the run leaving friends and family behind; to shake off any would be pursuers they book multiple decoy flights, and end up drinking rum cocktails in the Caribbean, before walking into the US Embassy in Santo Domingo seeking to exchange secrets in return for a new life and new identities…except, it was not quite that simple. Oh, and it happens to be true. 

Join us as we explore how Alexy, the Russian FSB officer born in the former USSR, became Jan Neumann, the graphic novel author, producer, and storyteller living in America. With his unique experience and view from both sides of the Cold War and recent Cold War 2.0, he and his friends, producers/writers Nick Leeds and David Pavoni, have formed LA based production company, 3&JKinoLab, and currently have multiple graphic novels in production along with an unscripted series in development. (Issue #1 of his series Red Atlantis just launched!) Like the very best spy stories, truth happens to be stranger than fiction.

Spy Museum Historian & Curator Dr. Andrew Hammond will be in conversation with Jan: relax, sit back and enjoy.

A “Red Atlantis” will help get us in the mood, courtesy of a DC mixologist at a much-loved bar in a much-loved neighborhood: Lost & Found in Shaw.

Drink: Russian Red Atlantis Kiss

1.5 oz Vodka
1oz cherry syrup (or grenadine)

Muddle 3 cherries with the vodka and cherry syrup, shake and strain into a martini or coupe glass. Top with Club Soda, garnish with cherries.

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