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The Shadow War against Al Qaeda

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“Bin Laden is gone, and that’s wonderful. But evil is still out there. If we’re looking for a respite, this isn’t it.” –Michael Hurley

Three years after Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in an operation based on years of CIA's work, where are we in the war against Al Qaeda? Does the terrorist organization still pose the threat it once did? Does Al Qaeda still have the capability – and ambition – to carry out another large-scale, 9-11-style attack in the United States or elsewhere? Join us for a discussion led by Michael Hurley, a retired CIA officer with unique experience in combatting terrorism -- both at the policy level, having served with the National Security Council and the State Department, and on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Mr. Hurley was appointed director of the 9/11 Commission's counterterrorism policy investigations and was a key author of its ground-breaking report. Today, he runs his own consulting agency and lectures at the Naval Postgraduate School and King's College London and is heard widely on the BBC and US national media as an expert on terrorism. Hurley will be joined by William D. Murray, a retired senior executive and field operations officer in the CIA.   Murray served as field commander for the Agency in some of the most challenging and dangerous areas of the world and was detailed to the US Senate to represent the CIA in the drafting of the Intelligence Act of 2004.

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