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Star Wars or Spy Wars

Who Needs the Force When You Have Good Intel?

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On Star Wars Day, take a deeper dive into the bowels of the Sarlacc Pit!  Join Dr. Vince Houghton, Spy Museum historian, for his annual exploration of the intelligence operations (or lack thereof) in the world of Star Wars. Which side is learning from the past, and who’s letting history repeat itself in a galaxy far, far away?

For an expert on intelligence, The Last Jedi yields some interesting new uses of deception, distraction, and covert ops, but it also raises questions about who’s really using failure as the greatest teacher. And why is a hacker suddenly a hot property when droids have done the job just fine so far? Join Vince for his latest dissection of intergalactic espionage and come early to mingle with some of your favorite characters. 

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