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Mata Hari, Agent H21

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What’s a woman with expensive tastes to do?  World War I Paris offered the legendary Mata Hari some unique opportunities. This 1964 film featuring Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Louis Trintignant  imagines how  the famous dancer used her charm and seductive powers to spy for Germany and bankroll a glamorous life.  But when she falls in love her life as a spy loses its luster. This spy romance includes invisible ink, quick escapes, and a doomed love—perfect film fare for a summer evening. Along with the evening’s Along with the evening’s screening of Mata Hari, H21, enjoy popcorn and sparkling French soda almost as tasty as Jeanne Moreau’s Mata Hari!

In French with English subtitles; screening at the Spy Museum.

Cosponsored by the Alliance Française de Washington.


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*includes screening, soda, and popcorn.

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