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Everyday Informants - with Glenn Thrush, Peter Earnest, Runa Sandvik & Amy Fiscus

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Leakers, tipsters, and unnamed sources are providing provocative information about the latest stories in the media. But how do journalists assess what’s real and what’s not? And how do leaks and the press affect the intelligence community?

Amy Fiscus, The New York Times (NYT) national security editor, will moderate an intense discussion of what it takes to confirm a scoop, the story behind the Times’ anonymous tip line, how journalists use their sources in an age when leakers are increasingly under public scrutiny, and what it’s like as a CIA spokesman to handle the tough questions and keep things classified.

The panel includes: Peter Earnest, Executive Director of the International Spy Museum and former CIA Deputy Director of Communications; NYT Director of Information Security and former hacker Runa Sandvik; and NYT White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush whose own emails to Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta were recently leaked by Wikileaks.


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