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Espionage Act of 1917 at 100

Dr. Mark Stout & Mark S. Zaid

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Much has changed since the US fought in World War I, but one thing hasn't: the Espionage Act of 1917. One of the key laws used to prosecute spies and leakers is 100 years old this month. Amended by Congress just once in the last sixty years, the Obama Administration prosecuted more classified leakers under the Act than any other Administration combined.

Whether that has any significance, or serves as a roadmap for the Trump Administration, is a controversial topic.  Join Johns Hopkins University senior lecturer, Dr. Mark Stout, and national security lawyer, Mark S. Zaid, for an intense discussion of the past, present and future use of the Espionage Act, including such topics as whether journalists should have reason to fear being prosecuted for disclosing classified information, and what protections whistleblowers might or should have in the 21st century.

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