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Elizabeth McIntosh and OSS Operation Black Mail

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Crushing enemy morale was one of the primary missions of the WWII Office of Strategic Services (OSS).  The OSS/MO,(morale operations) concocted black propaganda. With a subtle stroke such as adding a forged and downtrodden line to a soldier’s postcard, his family could be negatively affected sending a ripple effect through the home front.

In her new book OSS Operation Blackmail: One Woman’s Covert War against the Imperial Japanese Army, Ann Todd follows Elizabeth “Betty” McIntosh through her OSS training and to the China-Burma-India theatre where she became the active head of MO for the entire region.

Join Todd as she explains McIntosh’s role as a psychological warrior, how the operations worked in this theatre and how deft strategy led to the production of 1000s of pamphlets and radio scripts, fiendishly clever rumors and a variety of faked Japanese, Burmese, and Chinese newspapers.

OSS Operation Black Mail will be available for sale and signing at the event.

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