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Dinner with Spies

An Evening with N. John MacGaffin III and William Ross Newland III

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Four-course dinner with a signature cocktail, wine, and beer @ The Riggsby!

What’s it like to be a CIA Chief of Station? To manage all the CIA’s operations in a country that may not be too happy with your work if you are discovered? Does it take nerves of steel? A brilliant mind? Or a good sense of humor? Possibly all of the above, if you judge by tonight’s guests of honor: John MacGaffin and Ross Newland.

These intelligence experts have nearly 60 years of CIA service between them.  Their extraordinary intelligence careers have taken them to some of the most interesting and tension filled places in the world.  Of their many overseas assignments, MacGaffin had four postings as chief of station, primarily in the Middle East; and Newland had three including Bucharest and Havana.  

Although some of their toughest assignments were at home forging relationships between the CIA and FBI, and the CIA and the US military.  At this spirited dinner, you’ll  discover the reality behind a job that is frequently  featured in films and television -- MacGaffin serves as an advisor to the Homeland series! You will be one of only twenty guests at The Riggsby for this delicious four-course dinner of upscale American cuisine with European influences.


Call Shana Oltmans at 202.654.0985 to register.

*includes four-course modern dinner 

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