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Claudia Friddell - George Washington's Spies

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Join us at the International Spy Museum for an in-store book signing of “Totally True Adventures! George Washington Spies” by Claudia Friddell. Friddell is an educator and researcher with a passion for nonfiction. In researching this book, she visited many of the sites where the Culper Ring lived and conducted their spy activities.


Think you know everything about Washington? Think again.

During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington (AKA Agent 711 ) was the leader of a ring of spies. The group called the Culper Ring used secret names, codes, invisible ink, and more to spy on the British and pass along information. Nobody knew about it at the time (and few do so today), but those sneaky heroes risked their lives to help win the American Revolution.

Illustrated throughout in black and white, with an appendix that includes photographs, bonus content, and links to primary source materials, this Totally True Adventures series book is ideal for supporting the Common Core State Standards and today’s renewed interest in nonfiction. It’s a thrilling read made even better because it really happened.

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