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Sales Director

Mission Summary:

The International Spy Museum is looking for a top Sales Director to oversee the Sales team.  The new Director will ensure the Museum has a highly trained and motivated sales team that meets revenue and customer satisfaction goals in three key segments – event sales, tour and travel, and Voucher/FIT (frequent individual traveler) markets.  The Director will report to the VP of Operations and President/COO of the Spy Museum. The incumbent will also handle the transition to the new Museum location at L’Enfant Plaza.  

Key Mission Details

  • Direct a positive and productive team dynamic.  Team dynamics will mirror the Spy Museum core values of service excellence, creativity, team, diversity and fun.
  • Assess team segments and individual abilities to ensure everyone is working to their fullest potential, thus exceeding goals.  
  • Inspire new sales leads across all market segments.
  • Develop and communicate team incentive plan.  Incentive plan will energize team and look at current and new incentives beyond traditional monetary rewards.  
  • Maintain regular pacing updates that include detailed reporting to the team, VP of Operations and President of the Spy Museum. 
  • Create a system of open and regular communication with the team.  This includes written and oral dialogue with the team as a whole and individually.  
  • Manage the department software systems.  This includes the successful implementation of the CRM (Salesforce) and sales point-of-sale (Siriusware) systems, along with other supportive software programs and services.
  • Create and execute the Sales training program.  Assess the staff training needs.  Design and facilitate internal training programs (team and/or individual training), and recommend and facilitate external training offerings.
  • Develop and market new promotional offerings that support the team’s goals.  Offerings are strategic, complement the Spy Museum mission, maximize revenue potential with reasonable costs, and utilize mostly existing resources. 
  • Collaborate with other departments on a regular basis, communicating needs and partner opportunities, supporting colleague department goals, and utilizing colleague resources to support the sales team.  For example, work closely with Education team and the tour and travel Sales Account Executive to develop and market education workshops for the tour operator and school markets.
  • Manage and develop the department budget and regularly reconcile department budget on a regular basis.  Develops and manages department forecast, in line with incentive plan.
  • Director will have a market segment to cover. This includes the selling, booking and pacing of annual goal. For example, segment may be government business or city-wides or destination management companies.    
  • Oversee department staff management, including hiring, evaluation, disciplinary actions and other employee-related functions.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive marketing plan for all three market segments.  Plan will be segmented into short and long-term timetables and include networking events, trade industry partnerships, digital and written marketing opportunities. Monitor plan and provide a summary on the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Develop and nurture relationships between the Spy Museum, local tour and travel community, and select professional organizations that support the team and/or the Spy Museum, such as, but not limited, to Destination DC, Washington Area Concierge Association, US Travel Association, National Tour Association, Association of Meeting Professionals, etc.
  • Create and direct all departmental policies and procedures for all market segments.  
  • Stay up-to-date on all technical, managerial, and industry-related developments.  This knowledge is shared with the team and the Spy Museum through internal trainings and communication. 
  • Work closely with VP of Operations on the servicing of what the team sells.  This includes the development and tracking of policies, major Sales initiatives and administration, and cross-departmental trainings.

One Year Mission Expectations –in one year the sales director will:

  • Create a short-term (1 year) and long-term (3 year) marketing plan including SPY 2 opening events (special event space for summer/fall 2018 and tour operator and other contracts for early 2019) and all collateral (print and digital).
    • Oversee a long term international marketing plan in anticipation of increased international tourism in 2019/2020.
    • Oversee development, design and complete all sales collaterals for the Spy Museum at L’Enfant Plaza.
  • Have a fully functioning team with the following segments appropriately staffed:
    • Tour and Travel – east coast, west coast, and international.
    • FIT (frequent individual traveler)/voucher sales
    • Special event sales  - private, corporate, and association/government
  • Assess, refine, and direct a robust FIT/voucher program that incorporates consistent account maintenance and creative offers without devaluing the brand.
  • Assess, refine, and direct a robust FIT/voucher program that incorporates consistent account maintenance and creative offers without devaluing the brand.
  • Collaborate regularly with Development staff for event rental leads resulting in a sponsor or corporate membership and a shared sale).
  • Create a tour operator dining plan and performance group plan for the Spy Museum at L’Enfant. 
  • Oversee the creation of comprehensive SPY 2 special event policies and procedures.
  • Establish and monitor a comprehensive sales booking process for the Spy Museum at L’Enfant.
  • Expand Spy’s relationships and business with trade associations and monitor performance.)
  • Increase overall department sales by 5% for the current Spy Museum and generate $250k in pre-opening sales for special event space at L’Enfant.  
  • Oversee a successful completion of the Salesforce and Siriusware integration.  
  • Conduct and assess regular sales training to expand departmental skills. 

Mission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree is required.
  • Five or more years’ experience with in a sales management position, preferably in the hospitality industry or in a cultural arts organization (such as a museum, performing arts venue, etc.)
  • Has an interest in the Spy Museum mission and vision and can feel it as a passion.
  • Proven sales track record that demonstrates candidate exceeds expectations.
  • Demonstrated customer service experience, ability to provide clear examples of out-of-box solutions to problems and extraordinary guest experiences facilitated by candidate.
  • Excellent verbal communication style and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to work within a team environment; demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for a diverse population.
  • Demonstrated time management skills, including multi-tasking.  Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Works both independently and with general supervision.

Mission Schedule

  • The standard work hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Friday with one hour for lunch. However, we encourage staff to work established hours that work for their style – 7:30 – 4:30, 8:00 – 5:00, etc.  This position does require the individual to work some evenings and weekends for networking events and Spy Museum events.

To apply for the Sales Director position, please submit a detailed cover letter to The cover letter should include an answer to the following question: Your sales team had a demotivating experience, such as coming close but not making a quarter or annual goal. How did you inspire them and encourage a positive outlook?

As part of the interview process, you will take an assessment.