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Terry Gudaitis

Terry Gudaitis is currently the Owner/Principal of Mindstar Security & Profiling, LLC.

Mindstar Security & Profiling, LLC, specializes in custom security training, consulting, and imminent threat assessment for the commercial sector.  Services include concierge security solutions for high net worth persons, executives, their family members, and their organizations.

Prior to forming her own firm, Dr. Gudaitis was the Vice President and Cyber Intelligence Director at Cyveillance, responsible for operations and management of the security and open source intelligence delivery organization.  Before joining Cyveillance, she held several executive positions at security firms focusing on intelligence, incident response, and security. She became the only cyber-crime profiler in the commercial information security industry which provided a business differentiator for her incident response teams.

Dr. Gudaitis’ career began an operations officer and behavioral profiler at the Central Intelligence Agency where she was responsible for terrorist profiles, assessments of informants, and managing targeting teams. Terry was also a member of the Fugitive Task Force, which worked in concert with the FBI on terrorist investigations and fugitive tracking and capture operations for the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Terrorists. Throughout her career, Dr. Gudaitis has successfully combined the disciplines of business, behavioral science, and security to guide organizations through strategic and tactical operations, and to present new solutions for traditional organizational issues. Dr. Gudaitis has a master’s and doctoral degree in behavioral science from the University of Florida, Gainesville. Since 1987, she has provided consultation and leadership to public and private industry, federal agencies, bureaus, and law enforcement, focusing on domestic and international security-related issues.

Presentation Topics

  • Internet Security: Personal security for work and home
  • Cyber Intelligence: What are the top ten concerns for corporations relevant to the Internet
  • Insider Threat: The dangerous side of employees, vendors, contractors, and outsourcing
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: How terrorists are using the Internet and technology
  • Primer on Blogs, Social Networking Sites and Virtual Worlds
  • Online Predators
  • Criminal Profiling